Interpreters translate the oral word from one language into another language. Different ways of interpreting exist.


AnnChristineTranslations offers every form of interpreting for the following language pairs:

German into English and English into German

German into French and French into English

Spanish into German and Spanish into English

French into English


Simultaneous interpreting is nowadays mainly used at conferences. Simultaneous interpreting means that the interpreter is sitting in a booth and interprets at the same time as the speaker delivers his or her speech. Special technical equipment (booth, microphone, headphones etc.) is required if you choose simultaneous interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting requires a high level of concentration which is why simultaneous interpreters usually work in teams.

A subcategory of simultaneous interpreting is the chuchotage also called whispered interpreting. This form can be applied if only 2 or 3 participants do not understand the language a speech is delivered in. The interpreter sits behind those persons and whispers the translation for them. Please note that this can only be applied for a maximum of 3 persons.

Consecutive interpreting means that the interpreter stands next to the speaker and interprets the discourse in pieces with the speaker taking breaks in between his or her discourse. This form of interpreting can be used if the technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting is not available or if the discourse is rather short.

Liaison interpreting is the interpreting of a conversation between 2 persons. It is mostly done consecutively but whispered interpreting can also be applied.


AnnChristineTranslations is happy to advise you which form of interpreting is most suitable for your event! Please feel free to contact me.