As a conference interpreter I help business partners to understand each other via providing simultaneous, consecutive or bilateral interpreting.




As a translator I translate written texts from English, French or Spanish into German. I also translate from German and Spanish into English and French and between English and French.



You are unsure if a text you wrote in a foreign language is correct? I am happy to proofread it and also help you to adapt the style to your audience.


One world, many languages

Although English is mostly used in our globalized world it happens that your business partner does not speak English. This is where AnnChristineTranslations comes in. I am a trained conference interpreter and translator for German, English, French and Spanish. So whenever you need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting or a translation or proofreading service, AnnChristineTranslations is your competent and reliable partner!

Interpreters and translators not only translate the speech/text but are also experts of cultural differences and have a lot of knowledge in the fields they translate in. No matter if you need a text translated or someone interpreting for you at a business meeting - AnnChristineTranslations is happy to provide translation services for you!